Claire Cheng Director / Founder
Claire’s interest in art was developed at a very young age after being fascinated by the beautiful paintings around her. This strong enthusiasm has now become her driving force which propelled her to set up Art Speaks Studio. She strongly believes that all children should be given a chance to be exposed to the wonders of arts and views it as the most effective way for them to express themselves, hence the slogan “ Where Art Speaks Louder Than Words’.
Inspiration comes from her immediate and perceived environment. Living in a modern society, she is inspired by the vastness of the environment, its color, the lifestyle and the people. She enjoys painting human figures, giving particular attention on their expressions and moments. Her creations of abstract images are usually subtle which not only makes them pleasing and stimulating to the viewer, but also brings out the vigor and excitement in her works.
To fulfill her dream, Claire had been taking part in various exhibitions and had achieved outstanding results. She was awarded for “NAFA Merit Award”, “Certificate of Commendation - Category Winner”, “Certificate of Appreciation - Best Display for Diploma in Fine Art Programme” and “Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award - Singapore Art Society”. In addition, she has gain significant amount of experience as a teacher to both children and adults for several years before opening the studio

Mardiana Azreen Instructor
Mardiana is a practising artist, who graduated from Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, majoring in Fine Arts. Her experience in teaching is not only limited to schools and studios but has also conducted workshops for kids in the area of wire-sculpting, clay and painting. Her artworks are full of creativity due to her fearless nature to experiment with different types of mediums like paper-cutting and polymer clay.
In addition, Mardiana has been painting during her free time and her preferred subject is flora. Her strong emphasis on colour as her priority is reflected clearly in all her art pieces. Currently, she is also conducting painting classes for adults in Art Speaks Studio.
Ivan Hoo Instructor
A local artist who lives and breathes art. Although he is a self-taught artist, he had been constantly experimenting with different types of medium, such as charcoal, graphite, tortillon, pastel and watercolour in his artwork since young.
As an artist today, he is trained to be a realist drawer with drawing portraits in charcoal being his forte. 
Ang Gibbson Instructor
As a child, Gibbson grew up with a keen interest in Arts and Crafts. This interest has led him to explore different techniques, medium and even though he excelled in Art in both Primary and Secondary school, he is a firm believer that ‘talent’ isn’t inborn, but nurtured.
After his GCE ‘O’ levels, he studied Fine Art at NAFA and after obtaining his diploma, he furthered his passion in the University of Huddersfield (UK) where he majored in painting and drawing. He graduated with honors and has been practicing Art after since.